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Custom Size Blinds

custom size blinds

POLLIP XVIII - Moriko the Forest Spirit & pet Aiko

POLLIP XVIII - Moriko the Forest Spirit & pet Aiko

Presenting Pollip La serie enchantee!

These will be a series of extreme detailed Pollips with a story to tell. La serie enchantee series usually comes with the Pollip doll, her matching pony, her adoption cert, a display item (ranging from boxes/bicycles or anything really!) and an illustration of the doll itself,which will then be printed into an A2 size poster.

"She is the forest spirit, guardian of all flora & fauna of the forest. By day she appears in the form of a rabbit and only reveals her human self when no one is watching or... if she feels she could trust you. The child of mother nature itself, she was sent onto earth to protect all plants and animals. But the world is dying from the greed of humans. She finds herself struggling to maintain the forest's balance.

Everytime a plant or an animal becomes extinct, she keeps a part of them in her secret chest. Be it a leaf from a tree or a horn from an animal, all are returned into the chest of genesis. It hurts her so much to see so many items in the chest.

Its not meant to be like this.

She needs everyone to understand that the world is beautiful. She needs everyone to cherish every living thing on earth. But her mission proved impossible. Humans are too blinded by greed and causing so much destruction to earth. Moriko feels helpless at times. Will you listen her out?"

"MORIKO" also means 'Forest Child' in Japanese. Her pet "AIKO" means little love.

Clean Slate - Ice Queen 2

Clean Slate - Ice Queen 2

Clean Slate modeling one of my miniature tophats. This is from the miniature collection based on Alice in Wonderland (the full size collection sold out already!)

Her outfit with these colors & lighting reminded me of an ice-skating princess dress, he he.

custom size blinds

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